Window Photo Gallery

e4c71d15-5ae4-4e99-8cbc-cada79cc8864 5d6996d9-7966-4cc4-b1bc-84fc1adbf1b2 81efd828-c276-492e-9da4-56b55bda2237 e9e76325-7a8f-42e8-becd-112a26fe9562 11822800_954268387944826_466297285792691326_n 11180641_954268427944822_6348910077140424218_n 11202109_954268441278154_6656753453725150660_n 11209735_954268404611491_5820073810991284334_n New siding, entry door, and garage window New siding, entry door, soffit and fascia, and garage window Replacement window with clay window trim New replacement window with clay window trim on top. Old window on bottom Before After Old window on the right, replaced with new window and window trim on the left