High Quality Gutter Installations

J. Cizek and Sons has been installing gutters since 1961.  No other gutter company stands up to our high quality installations and workmanship.  We have our own gutter machine which manufactures seamless aluminum gutters on the job site.  We use .032 inch gauge aluminum, which is the heaviest available for making aluminum gutters.  Lighter gauge aluminum will compromise strength and durability.

Our biggest advantage is that we manufacture a custom 1 seam gutter corner.  Our gutter corner is hand cut from the gutter itself.  When compared to the common 3 seamed boxed corner, our corner will eliminate 2 unnecessary seams which can leak over a period of time.  Our corner allows water to flow over the seam instead of into it.  Other prefabricated corners cause water to pool within which eventually leads them to leak.

J. Cizek & Sons gutter installations are unique to the gutter industry.  We fabricate aluminum flashing which is installed underneath the roof shingles, and over the back of the new gutter.  This prevents water and ice from entering into eaves and walls.  We also properly pitch gutters toward oversized aluminum downspouts.  No guess work is ever allowed.

J. Cizek & Sons believes in the use of screws to secure the gutter support brackets.  We fasten the screw through the back of the gutter, into the wood fascia and into every roof rafter for maximum support.  No roofing nails or staples will be used.  We believe these uncompromising details separate J. Cizek & Sons from the rest.