Protect Your Home’s Exterior

J. Cizek & Sons aluminum soffit and fascia installations not only adds to the look of a home’s exterior, they also offer protection from the damaging weather.  Aluminum soffit and fascia products are designed to help you add long-lasting beauty and protection to your home’s exterior, without frequent time-consuming and costly painting jobs without adequate soffit ventilation, condensation can lead to mold which can cause damage and health related issues.  Installing aluminum soffit and fascia allows air to circulate, letting moisture and excess heat to escape.  In the wintertime, this same air circulation reduces the formation of damaging ice dams.  Also, in the summer, air flow helps reduce excess heat from building up in attic spaces which causes higher cooling costs.  To achieve this, we can cut openings into existing wood overhangs before the installation a vented soffit panel.

J. Cizek & Sons takes the installation of aluminum soffit and fascia to the highest level. The “J” channel is the accessory that supports and secures the soffit to the buildings wall. We use screws not staples or nails to secure the J channel.  Screws offer the best holding strength which provides for the greatest long lasting jobs.  All fascia is custom made on the job site.  It is fastened with painted stainless steel trim nails that due not rust and loose their holding strength.