Expertly Installing Siding for Over 50 Years

J. Cizek & Sons has been installing siding since 1961.  There are many types of sidings and manufacturers to choose from when selecting siding for your home.  Whether it is Variform or Alcoa vinyl siding, cedar siding, or Hardyboard cement siding, Dean and Don, owners of the company, or one of their team of experts, can inform you about the benefits and costs of each one.  Within the types of siding available, there is a variety of styles and shapes to choose from which can greatly enhance the beauty of your home.

There is a lot more to installing siding than most people think.  For example, prior to installing new siding, J. Cizek & Sons fabricates custom aluminum flashings.  We install these flashings around window and door openings, where vertical walls meet roofing and any other areas where needed.

These flashings prevent water and ice from damaging walls and entering your home and are very rarely used by other contractors.  Dean and Don, or one of their team of experts, can explain these critical steps in more detail and how it will pertain to your homes specific needs.

Once these flashings are installed, we need to prepare the wall surface by either installing an underlayment over existing wood siding, or installing Tyvek house wrap over a flat wall surface.  This step can greatly reduce your heating and cooling costs when installed properly.  One of our highly trained installation technicians will hand nail all siding materials into wall studs for maximum support.

Cizek & Sons offers a variety of decorative accessories to compliment your siding project. Whether it is shutters, decorative vents, or architectural moldings, the options are endless. These accessories can enhance your homes appearance dramatically.

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